Wow! Hey! It’s been a while …

Yes. It’s been several months since I checked in and I can’t remember what interfered other than … life. 

You’re probably wondering, am I at least going to finish reading 100 books in 2016. We’ll, I have done that and more with plenty of time to motor on (113 as of today).

I have been taking copious amounts of photos and started a Facebook page for Random Viewfinder. I just want to inspire others to create, at their own pace. 

Our two fur babies, Casey and Bugsy passed away this year. 2016 brought many physical challenges for them and ultimately us. But, they are at peace now, together after having lived very long and charmed lives.

As for Mama … she is doing so well even I can barely believe it. She has gained some weight and is maintaining her spunk and precious happy attitude toward life. She’s still moving slow but that’s a good thing because she doesn’t stop moving. 

As for the coffee … I gave it up for herbal tea. It’s much better for me and discourages my snacking. That bulletproof stuff was just too much and made me realize that my body doesn’t work well with coffee as fuel. I still love the smell though and indulge if it’s worth it … rare.

We travelled a bit this year. Ken’s Ironman Adventures took us to Key West,  Disney, Maryland, California’s Wine Country and the West Coast and Australia for the International Ironman 70.3 Championship. It has been an amazing adventure and 2017 is promising more. 

Consequently, I am going peacefully into the holiday season without planning too much. We are giving ourselves the gift of rest and refueling. Well, I speak for myself. My husband is getting ready for a trip to Montana to hunt. I refuse to leave the house til 2017. 

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