I’ve done it! I committed to reading 100 books this year on Goodreads.

Half way through 2015 I committed to reading at least 25. I ended up reading over 60 in 6 months … I stopped counting and didn’t log all of the books that I read.

This year I intend to read across genre’s more diligently, as every dedicated writer should. My preference is non-fiction, historical fiction, suspense and contemporary literature, sprinkled with a few classics. I cringe a little thinking about picking up a romance novel. The reality is that the only books I know of that don’t have romance in them are in the men’s adventure category. In most cases, those books don’t even have female characters. So, I guess my other goal this year is to overcome bias.

I confess that some of the books consumed last year were in audio format because I like to listen while I drive, stitch, paint or draw, even clean my house. It’s not just about getting my book count up, I hate to waste time and I am constantly learning when I get to enjoy books. It definitely makes cleaning less of a chore and certainly more pleasant.

I also find it interesting how my mind makes associations between what I am listening to in audio and what I am physically working on at the time. I can pick up a blanket I stitched with my own two hands while listening to a book and flash back to a scene or the general feeling that the story gave me while listening. Yes, I must choose wisely. I have even found myself wiping down a baseboard in my home and remembering a point made through a non-fiction work that I studied before when cleaning that same spot. I also spent a lot of time in 2015 walking my twin grandsons in their stroller down a bike path near their home. Now, whenever I am on that path, it feels like a book shelf where I can pull down memories of the weather, the smells, all feelings and sensations that I experienced while walking them and listening to the books I chose to enjoy. Scenes from the books and the feelings that they created in me pop up willy-nilly now when I walk that path and it’s fun, especially when I forget to load my smartphone with a new title to listen to.

Yes, my time is well spent with books and I plan to spend more time with them this year.

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