Day two of … nuts!

Not too many words today. Just shock. I took a therapy day and spent it playing with my grandsons. I needed to reboot and recharge. Life is beautiful and it was wonderful. They are amazing. When I got home, my husband had our third getaway planned for 2016. Wonderful! It’s a great day.

Then I get a call from my Aunt. She’s 85. She’s in the hospital. She has a complicated version of what my mother just suffered from after my mother was discharged from the hospital, of course.

Wait a minute, that’s weird because a week before that, my mother was in the hospital with a strange but milder version of the same problem that my cousin just suffered from, a week before that. Unfortunately, we found out that my cousin was  diagnosed with cancer and although my mother’s complaints of pain were the same she just had scarring and polyps, not cancer, in the same place. But, my cousin still has cancer and she’s 10 years younger than my mother and my aunt.

It’s a health clusterfuck and weird because we’re all family and we have a little lunch club.  We meet monthly or sooner. It’s odd that they suffered from similar things in succession and striking at the same time. Doesn’t it just make you scratch your head?

Anyway … take a day or two. If you need to reboot and recharge with something or someone that makes you see life new. Rebirth yourself! You do not know what is waiting for you tomorrow.

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