Out with the old …

Out with the old and in with the new … as the saying goes. That’s what today was about for me. I thought that I would write that nothing special was on my creative agenda today other cleaning my house but I changed my mind. That was very creative!

Everything that I did today was amazingly creative, including sprucing up our two pugs with a bath, nail clippings and ear and face swabbing along with laundering their beds. You should have seen our little Casey crawl into the big fluffy bed that came right out of the dryer … I love looking in her face when she tells me how delicious it feels to snuggle into it.


Cleaning is not one of my favorite things to do but I love it when it’s about rebooting the big stuff. The holidays take its toll on my house with all of the boxes that need to be collected and saved just in case things need to be returned … a strange strategy but it works. Unfortunately, this stuff usually takes up the room in my creative space in the basement. So, all of my cleaning and purging led to me getting my space back completely. Another reason today was a very creative day.

I also listened to an audio book while I worked through the dust and dander. The Girl with All The Gifts by M. R. Carey. I only have 3 days left on loan from Overdrive and just can’t seem to get close to the end. By the time I was done cleaning it dawned on me that I should have sped up the narrator then I wondered if I would have cleaned faster if I had done that. Anyway, that was also creative because I paid close attention to the writing style and European dialect. I think that it’s fun to figure out the quirky phrases of the Brits through context.

Yes, taking down all signs of Christmas and starting fresh. Fresh rugs, fresh clean floors and squeaky clean dogs. A new year is here and my house is almost cleansed of the past and opened to a creative future. Every day is an opportunity to be creative, no matter what you are doing. Please, make it a Happy & Creative 2016! And keep it clean …

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