1. Mom standing alone
    against the cold world outside
    keeps us safe and warm

    In some worlds there is no question, life is like a mobius strip. The parents take care of the young which in turn become older, have children and take care of their elders. A never ending cycle.

    Perhaps what we consider progress is not progress at all. We in the western world have been trained to always move forward, to think of ourselves. Is that truly progress?

  2. Thank you! That is a very moving poem. And a very interesting point. People think that they are making progress just because they are moving in forward in time and because certain conditions (transport of food across the country) or tools (computers, internet, smart devices) have improved. Scary to think about what we are left with if we lost those conditions/things because the family unit and personal relationships have certainly deteriorated. There is only one thing that we can do and that is to take care of our own and encourage others to do the same by example.

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