Wow!  What a day …


Wow!  What a day …   It began with my new list of things I need to accomplish in my garden before it gets ahead of me this Spring.  I don’t usually follow a list. Sometimes I write them and then I always lose them. I figured that maybe, not using lists was my problem since I have a tendency to get distracted and find myself off-course.  It’s never too big of a deal but I’m not satisfied and see my woulda, shoulda, coulda’s all through the Fall, dwelling on it while I plan the next year during the Winter months. Yes, I lose that list too … 

But, I’m gaining on my garden this year … armed with my list.  I’ll keep you posted …

Today I focused on the benefits of this list while I worked and the irony I found in the project I chose to check off.  It’s the type that needs to be attacked in pieces or it will get out of control fast and cause you to do double the amount of work necessary.

You see, when it rains, water drains from the roof into copper gutters. We’ve got a big old link chain downspout which delivers the appreciated rain into a large wine barrel.  To avoid soil erosion in front of the draining barrel, I set a river bed of Pennsylvania stone which I have to reset every so often because, over time, the lower level of stone sinks into the soil and the bed gets unruly and overrun with perennials and tree saplings – it’s just ugly.


So, I began and with every rock that I rescued and tossed aside for later replacement, I thought … patience, one step at a time, parse out the issues, look at each as one single problem and address only that, one step at a time, breathe.  I surprised myself by enjoying it. And, not just because I was checking a BIG chore off of the list; but, I could see the wisdom in the moment. I put this project off for two years, dreaded starting and couldn’t believe that I was enjoying myself.

I began thinking how I was creating a new behavior for me that I liked and even longed for … with each step, in patience, I was sure to advance in my goal to conquer this space, my garden, myself … concentration, focus, clarity – all in steps.
Wait! I’ve been here before. Steps … they advance us toward our goals.  Just focus on the steps … Oh no, are my lips moving?  Looking at the overall picture can be overwhelming.  We all know this story and where it leads.  Yet, when it comes to most things, I always look at the overall picture instead of the individual pieces and because of that, I lose my peace, get distracted and off course.  It only seems right, my garden teaching me peace.  But I’ve been gardening for years … when will it stick this lesson?!?!? These are all the thoughts that rolled through my mind … out there … tossing rocks … click, click, thud.



I was looking for peace; and, today, this project along with those of yesterday and the day before and also tomorrow and the day after, all helping me find my peace. Maybe I’ll learn this time …


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